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We are Shropshire Design & Print

And quite frankly we are seriously over the moon to meet you.

So who are we … how can we help, and quite frankly….. why would you use us?

Well let’s have a go at answering those questions for you in reverse, why would you use us?

Well here’s the crux of it, it’s not about us is it? It’s about you guys. It’s not what we offer ….
it’s all about what you need, that’s what really matters here.

You see we understand what it takes to have that dream of starting your own business,
pulling your socks up and taking that leap of faith. Those long days and nights doing everything
to nurture your precious dream from initial seed right through to a successful business,
hell you’ve been the sales guy, the web designer, the social media guru; hours on the shop floor
right through to the nights spent as the company accountant, & not to forget
those bits in between when you’re the cleaner too.
This isn’t just business for you, it represents much more …. Soooo much more.

So when you need to reach out to find a partner to bring those ideas you have to life in design & print
we are there for you ‘cause that’s what ‘we’ do.

So finally who are ‘we’? Well we are you, we are here building our dream just as you are.

We are based in Oswestry, and we love our local area and our roots are here,
but at the same time we will go anywhere where you need us, distance is no problem.

We have years of experience gained in this industry, but also from many other walks of life –
after all it wasn’t a straight line that brought us to this point!!

But that means we have gained such a wide range of skills that are now ready to help you in your quest!

So if you need an Airship advertising your business in the middle of Africa as a turn-key package,
or the product needs specialist permissions to pass through customs in Asia,
or you’re just not sure what information to add onto your business card,
we’ve been there and so would like to think we know where you are at too.

So come along and have a chat to see how we can help you bring your dreams to life – and the kettles always on!